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Spiritual Concepts

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Sorry, this looks a little primitive right now, but the basic idea is great.
Thank you Roger!



Roger Castillo:

So, as usual I’d like to start by putting the talks in context as it’s really easy for our thinking process to lose focus and for us to lose focus in our seeking.

We can spend years and years maybe even a whole lifetime seeking without a focus and as I see it and from what I’ve experienced if there is a focus and if a number of variables that we’re not in control of line up the seeking doesn’t have to take lifetimes.

So, the focus of the talks is happiness for the human being in this life in daily living. The reason that that’s the focus is because whether we realize it or not what we’re really looking for is happiness. Something very practical; but if we leave that as the focus I haven’t really given us much to focus on because…


I am using this form to enter data into this spreasheet.
Please enjoy and explore the resulting fun-da-mental table:

Much more can be improved; for example Jesus’ concepts can be added, keywords can be streamlined.
Thank you for your your feedback!

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