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Dear Luke,

This website here has no fixed format; it’s a space to explore, discover and experience. Addressing you personally, here and now, is a convenience, a tool, a way to formulate my thoughts. Addressing a real, warm, feeling person is more relevant and alive than to “talk” to a generic, assumed audience.

I love the Bible as a namespace, to navigate and explore our here and now; I am not expecting anyone to believe or hope anything, but to be interested and available to follow, see and feel where the thoughts point to.

Words, thoughts, feelings are pointers, like street posts, to guide our attention.

I’d love if we could look at everything in life without being limited by preferences, expectations, and all the unspoken confinements and defenses of our known and unknown conditioning. Embracing, understanding and applying the Bible — or any authentic truth teaching — is not an academic chore but the highest fulfilment of our here and now.

I know our attention span is short, when we are up in the head; therefore it is good to be aware of Awareness; effortlessly, simple, naturally, and drop our center into its homeplace, into the heart. Very subtle, but profound. Right here and now, feel your being present, more in the chest; super simple. Breathing calms down, thoughts become clear, wonderful.

In “this world” we are seemingly stuck in thinking. We are too fast and busy with thought. We are busy talking about street signs, instead to follow them into the depth of our own being. The whole spiritual journey is to move from the head — the false sense of being a separate-self — into our Heart — one with Love.

The Bible is amazing in guiding us through the jungle of our maturing. We start out with a children’s story, with a talking snake in paradise; and we believe it to be way back in time, when everything started.

But the Bible is a spiritual message; time and space pertains to our identity and thinking as a separate-self. God’s creation is eternal, and we are told that we are children of God, joint-heir to all the heavenly riches.

It is easy to drift off into disbelieve or wishful thinking… to just use the Bible as a pain-killer, to read into it whatever eases our despair; but let’s be here and now: not in the claustrophobic space of our assumed person — located in the head — but in the openness of our heart — the vast inner-space.

You cannot explain how to ride a bicycle, you just know how to do it! Words, mental pictures and conceptual understanding are preparatory steps to direct our mind into a deeper seeing; right here and now.

At every moment we can take off into our thinking and get lost in thoughts and images. But WE — I am — Awareness, is always here and now.


What a release, what a joy when we can discover and explore our Self without the dark, gloomy and sticky veil of fear, guilt, blame, shame:

Bible: It is all about you, returning to the Father’s house; in more modern terms: recalibrating your mind, your attention, interest, belief and identity.

God, Father: “God is Love” — that’s most amazing and wonderful. God, “the cause of the phenomena of life”. All ideas we entertain about God are not God, and therefore can easily become idols. Reading only the menu in a restaurant does not satisfy our hunger!

Heaven: the experiential vastness of inner-space.

Christ: your own pure Awareness, always here and now. There is only one Son of God — one Awareness: “I AM the Lord your God”. It blows our mind in a good way.

The wicked one: YOU, identified as a separate-self, an autonomous conditioned egoic entity, believing and feeling to be entrapped in “a garment dipped in blood.” 1

The righteous one: YOU, being interested and hungry for the Truth. Willing to leave your nets of mental and emotional habits to feel, think and read between the lines.

Truth: that which never changes… Consciousness, the canvas of Life, the core of your Being, your own nature.

Nations: …

City: …

Tent: our own body

Temple: 2


It maybe seems all foolish or fantastic… please let me know if anything here resonates in you.


On one level it doesn’t matter if the Bible were right or wrong, if your hunger, your unwavering aim is authenticity and radical openness.

Paradoxically fulfillment is not a gaining, but the letting go of what veils our true Nature.

We can believe whatever we want, but experience must be the ultimate test!

Peace, happiness, in daily living.
Love is not what we think.

Hallelujah (-;

  1. Revelation 19:13

  2. Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.…
    1 Corinthians 6:19

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