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Mooji: When freedom beckons

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“When freedom beckons, it may feel like you are being drawn into some black hole and getting swallowed up so that you will never be able to find the little ‘you’ again – or at least that is how the mind portrays it.

These internal forces will warn you that liberation is the biggest risk you could ever take – like skydiving without a parachute – because it amounts to the ultimate dissolution of the ego.

Paradoxically, you are only coming back to what you can never not be but have been unconscious of up until now. You are not going to become something else; you are going to stop becoming something else. You are just going to stop becoming and rest in your Being – and that’s where the fight comes in.

But facing down these hostile forces is not like mobilizing to go out and fight an enemy. No, your fight is an epic internal struggle against egoic conditioning and the idea you have of who you are. Your self-portrait is fighting against its own painter; but ultimately, the Real isn’t participating in any fight. The fight is just taking place in a dream, and the fighter is also part of the dream. But the fighter has to win this fight, and only then will the fighter merge with what it really is – that which isn’t engaged in a fight. That is how the game is played.”

~ Mooji

Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space

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