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Believe And Hope

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Believe and hope — as personal mental activities — belong to “this world”, and are stepping stones into “my kingdom”.

At one point they need to be replaced with Faith and then with experience, with kNowing.

Experience must be the ultimate test.


Believe and hope as mental activities and as such are changeful and unstable; subject to the unavoidable pleasure and pain cycles of “this world”.

Mental activities are dependent on energy and circumstances which constantly change.

Knowing the Truth is not a mental effort or activity!


But it takes some loving effort to see the erroneous nature of the veil — our identity as a separate-self — our person.

~Examine yourselves, test your self, feel after him… he is not far from each of us.~

~In him we live and move and have our being.~

Those are not just some sweet words to distractact from the misery of human ignorance, to escape into your own thinking, to flee on swift horses; believe and hope.

The Bible is full of powerful pointers to assist you in exercising your discernment and directing your own attention to God’s Presence and Love as your own Awareness.


There is (subtle, not easy to detect) resistance in our person! Resistance to transition from the familiarity of our self-entertained believes and hopes to the assurance of Faith and the final confirmation through experience.

This resistance can lead to many years of hope-less suffering, despair and the dark night of the soul; it can feel like dying, the worst thing ever. But all of this only appears to our old person, the one we believed our self to be, up until now.


God IS Love and we are all God’s children.

So why all this trouble and pain?

Experience the Truth; outgrow believe and hope; kNow effortlessly beyond all shadows of doubt.

Not the knowing of information in “this world”, but the joyful recognition of your true nature as the Child of God, joint-heir to all the heavenly riches.


Don’t drift off into fantasy or expectations, don’t be stuck in making sense in your brain, but discover what IS always here and now?

“I am with you always”… without Being Aware, nothing would exist for you!

Explore this statement, see its deep implications…

Our whole life we tend to use our Attention only to look out into “this world” of our own assumptions and conclusions… but how to look in?

“Christ in you is the hope of glory.” 2


“Let’s reason together…” fall into Love, in the vacuum of not-knowing, in your person.

For sure you continue to know the things of this world, but there is an openness, a freshness in you…

Allow Spirit to teach you from the depth of your Being; don’t waste your life with being distracted by the nonsense of “this world”; go deeper than appearances. 3


God is Love! You are the child of God. God is our Father! 4

Is God all you ever wanted, or is “God” a grim old moody man somewhere in the clouds, scolding us for not having our act together, not trying hard enough?

“Seek ye first the kingdom”… starts with examining our own main tools: attention, interest, believe and identity. All of which we are Aware as “I am…”.

This examination is not an academic discipline, but a joyful curiosity, to wake up from the dream of man as person, to allow and discover what we overlooked so far in our journey.


“My kingdom is not of this world”.

“This world” and “my kingdom” are different perspectives, filters, lenses, glasses… whatever the word… while we are eternally walking on God’s Earth, which is the fulness of the Lord, here and now.

Our fleshly eyes and ears render “this world” based on our accumulated assumptions and believes; we are distracted, we cannot (yet) perceive what IS the Presence, fullness and the Liberty of the Lord.

“Fear not little flock, it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom”.


Satan, the personification of our own fears and doubts, does everything possible to keep us stuck in the familiarity and predictability of “this world”.

Fighting the good fight seems to happen between our old person (judging by appearances) and our true identity as the child of God (discerning spiritually).


Believe and hope served us well to be firm on that ground.

Let’s go all the way… beyond our resentment and defensiveness.


It is our destiny to rediscover our true relationship and identity as children of Life/God/Love.

~Ye shall know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.~

We don’t “do” Truth, we are Aware in our knowing of what IS.

It takes some gentle effortless-effort to be open, to be receptive and to hear the Good News of the Bible/Scripture/Truth Teachings, given to all of us!

It is not rocket-science, but it is highly disturbing for our person to admit that it overlooked the most obvious during all those years of seeking and suffering “this world”.


From the “this world” perspective the Bible appears to be full of contradictions we tend to rush over.

Later we discover the brilliance, clarity, simplicity, genius, wisdom, Love and care of the good news.

The Bible always pointed to the Truth for us to discover, but we were too opinionated, too rich in spirit, too full of pains, hopes and believes, that we couldn’t see or hear what is always in front of us!


We cannot put new wine into old skins.

We cannot enter “my kingdom” with our old person, heavy and burdened with all our unexamined second-hand beliefs and hopes that the world threw at us, even with the best intentions.

“Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.”


Prayer is not a pleading to a God to make “this world” a better place!

Jesus did not fight, he did not use his powers to jump off the cross.

Father forgive them! ~Identified as person in “this world” they cannot know what they are doing.~

“This world” is not what it seems to be; it is a perfect classroom to learn to discern between flesh and Spirit, to discern between what we believe and hope and what IS (God’s reality). Our redeemer is our own Awareness and clarity that lifts the veil of our own person, and replaces our addictions to “this world” (good or bad) with God’s Presence, Love and Wisdom.


Don’t feel offended in, or intimidated by your beliefs and hopes, but find out what is true and of good report… Don’t just believe (and consequently reject) ideas, but go beyond the brain:

We never left Paradise, we are never separate or apart from God — Love, the only one power, the core and essence of all Life — but we cannot see our own delusions, because we judge by appearance! We judge through the filter of our person.

We cannot enter “my kingdom” by the sweat of the brow, but by Grace, the gift of God… or whatever terminology you use.


It is the peace that passeth understanding; it is crystal clear Awareness, here and now; our natural and eternal state, before Mr. Mind comes in — swiftly and unnoticed — and puts labels on everything, to create the duality in which the person believes to have its own life; seemingly separate and apart from God, Love, Life, Synchronicity, Fulfillment, always enough.




Don’t be intimidated by the language of the Bible! But go beyond your own fears and doubts, know what the words mean! Study scripture with a fresh attitude and bravery; don’t be satisfied with explanations, but let the words become alive in your own Experience.

Don’t rush! Don’t be lazy. Go higher than “making sense”; consider feeling-knowing; even allow humility to remove the veil.

Know what the words mean you are reading! Go all the way… all you ever need is already being given to you.



For the Lord GOD, the Holy One of Israel, has said: “By repentance and rest you would be saved; your strength would lie in quiet confidence— but you were not willing.”
“No,” you say, “we will flee on horses.” Therefore you will flee! “We will ride swift horses,” but your pursuers will be faster.…

Isaiah 30:15

Pursuers = your own numbness, fears and doubts.
swift horses = our thoughts, trying hard to escape the paper tigers our person believes into reality.

Understand why “you” are fleeing! Be brave, you are about to make the greatest discovery in the human kingdom. Very subtle, but with deep implications.


Yes, believe and hope has its place and role in life. “This world” is not an accident.

God is Love!

Don’t just pay lip-service, but show me…

  1. If you tell [know] the Truth you don’t have to remember anything.

  2. glory ~ the Presence of God

  3. … that depth is not a distance, it is not elsewhere, it is your true nature.

  4. Father, God… Jesus… don’t be stuck in words! Words are only pointers, street posts, for your attention to follow, to arrive at your own experience, first-hand, present tense, I am…

  5. for where there is fear there is no God, there is no Life.

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