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Bring the Bible Home

Don’t be scared by the title, it is not what you believe it is…


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Let’s not be stuck or intimidated by the traditions of men:
Having no inner-space for the Love of God is the wicked one.
Humbly allowing the vacuum of not knowing is the righteous one.

Both are states in our own inner unfoldment.

“Seek ye first the kingdom” before you try to remove the splinter in your brother’s eye in “this world”.

Be brave, be willing to make mistakes; take baby-steps, start from scratch: “Who do you say I AM”… it is glorious not to escape into pretense, frustration, depression and despair.


“The letter kills, the spirit gives Life” 1


The whole Bible is relevant for you, but we don’t allow to see it.

The enemy is not out “there” but in our own resentment to really examine our own mental and emotional house.

“Ye are a rebellious house”, that’s you and me in our ignorance, missing the mark, not being in the Presence of the “Father” — the cause of the phenomena of life.


If we want, we can understand the symbology of the Bible, to see and experience its timeless relevance.

To admit the pain, the deadness and dullness of “this world” and to allow the Light from “my kingdom” to shine; to heal and warm our broken hearts and to empower us to discern facts and fiction in our own minds, here and now.


Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex…

Words can be a course and a blessing. As “person” we are easily intimidated, we easily get into a defensive position, we reject often the greatest gifts given to us:

But Joseph replied, “Do not be afraid. Am I in the place of God? 2 20As for you, what you intended against me for evil, God intended for good, in order to accomplish a day like this— to preserve the lives of many people. 21Therefore do not be afraid. I will provide for you and your little ones.” So Joseph reassured his brothers and spoke kindly to them.…”


You need to be still inside, to let the Bible reveal itself to you.

In our ignorance, chased by disbelieve and subconscious fears we rush over words and are very slothful in our understanding.

We are busy making sense [Barrabas], but allow no inner space for the Truth to reveal itself.

We are cut-off as “this world” through our own mental activity, no matter how good intended.


For I tell you that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, you will certainly not enter the kingdom of heaven.
Matthew 5:20

What do YOU do with such a powerful pointer?


Don’t misunderstand why I have come. I did not come to abolish the law of Moses or the writings of the prophets. No, I came to accomplish their purpose.

Don’t seek Jesus in the flesh, but in Spirit: “I have come” means I am here. Who or what is here?


Not to destroy, not to argue, not to be entangled and stuck in good, bad or indifferent, but to fulfill, to bear witness to the glory of God in everything you encounter.


Don’t believe in the Bible, don’t hope, don’t expect to change your little life, don’t be busy making sense and justifying your own (involuntary) ignorance, but enter “my kingdom” here and now through your own willingness to leave “this world” behind.

It is much easier than you think; but you need Love and lots of forgiveness and patience with yourself.

You, as a separate-self, as person, as ego cannot “do” it; it is Grace that shows you the way.


Everyone is the child of God, everyone is destined to wake up in their own time.

They do not know or understand; they wander in the darkness; all the foundations of the earth are shaken.” 6I have said, “You are gods; you are all sons of the Most High. 7But like mortals you will die, and like rulers you will fall.”…


Whatever you believe or assume is a barrier to let the Light of Love, wisdom and understanding shine into your life and affairs.

Amazing. This is where we need to something more than the Scribes and Pharisees, who tried so hard to be good.


See your own personal prison of thinking and reasoning…

Be vigilant in seeing your own resentment and disbelieve.

Just saying…


We are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. How can you say that we shall be set free?

Truth is an activity in our own Consciousness.

If you just rattle through the Bible and pay lip-service then you miss the pearl of great price.

The Bible is a workbook for you, if you have a hunger, a thirst to be free in the Presence of God, of Love.


Not elsewhere in space and time, but here and now; eternally in the heavens.

Heaven is your own inner-space, your inner vacuum of not-knowing.

// Watch your own resentment, if you hear something you don’t understand! Our servant, the mind, is so quick in defending what he believes to know that we almost never notice the lies we see with our fleshly eyes.


Be like little children, allow openness, allow playfulness, allow softness and intuition; ask what the words actually mean!

As adults in “this world” we get stiffer and stiffer with every pain, experience and belief we accumulate. We rely on our own mind and cleverness, instead to be open and curious and let the Lord show us the way.


The Bible is a-maze-ing if you are willing to embrace the inner vacuum of “I don’t know”.

Instead to be satisfied with a fuzzy feeling once in a while, realize the importance of what you are actually seeking!

Love and fulfillment is just a word, a pointer to your own reality as a child of God, a child of Life and Love.


But with fleshly eyes — crusted with ideas and expectations — you cannot see what is always holding you and carrying you through every here and now.

God is Love! It is your joy and duty to know your Father and to embrace your heritage.


Not to pretend anything in “this world”, not to judge by appearance, but to know the Truth and remain in the city — your current affairs; and not use might or power to change the dreamlike appearance of “this world”.

Not to hide in ignorance and future hope, but to pierce the veil, the mask of your own person.


Understand, apply and live, here and now; no matter what the world tells you: “have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus.”

In Christ there is no room for blame, shame, guilt or pride anymore.

Abandon the slavery to your old thoughts and feelings, your old wo/man. Not by fighting or reforming an assumed outer “this world”, but through Love and forgiveness, by allowing and feeling-knowing your Father.


Disentangle yourself from childish believes, hopes and fears!

Go higher than the cleverness and explanations of “man whose breath is in his nostrils”.


Enjoy the Bible, fall in love with its amazing symbology.


Be open and vulnerable; relentless openness is a scary, but powerful attitude.

You don’t want to have any dark corners in your own house, your own mind; no hiding, no sweeping under the carpet; but be wise.


Shine the light of loving curiosity into all corners of your person.

A little child does not defend the ideas of “this world”; the little child wants to know!

You are not satisfied with some second-hand explanations, but you want to know, breath and live the Truth, and only the Truth.


“Leave your nets and follow me” is work!

The enemy is your own ignorance and deeply ingrained habits.

The victory is the glory of God, to be in the presence of Love.


It did not take six business days for God to create the Earth.

Time and space exist in “this world”; time is created through our thinking, and the sense of space is assumed through our sense organs.

The whole thing is spectacular and most loving, wise and beautiful, when you see it through God’s eyes, through Love.


The person asks: “how can God allow all the suffering in ‘this world’?”

“This world” is not what it seems to be.

Take the Bible to heart! Don’t hope or believe, don’t rush through it, but see the Light between the lines. The Bible is not a thing, and the stories are not about “others” thousands of years ago in “this world”.

The Bible is your own psychological drama; your own evolution.


Be willing to die to “this world”, while still walking the Earth!

Don’t try to change, or escape your seeming pain but fulfill scripture in this lifetime, in a twinkle of an eye!


Prayer and meditation are crucial to hear and to live the message.

The Bible is God’s message to you, to set you free.
Don’t get distracted or dismayed by your own current ignorance; not knowing the Father — the one in whom we live, move and have our being — is ignorance.

“This world” is not a course or a punishment; we just need to make a little gentle effort to wake up from the dream of person as a separate-self.

Find the Truth through the aid of the Bible and everyday Life. Don’t wait for “this world” to change, don’t wait for the flesh, but invite the Spirit to strengthen and guide you. Eagerness and goals belong to “this world”.


The seeming gap between “this world” and “my kingdom” is not our physical death.

In a twinkle of an eye we can switch from “this world” into “my kingdom” forth and back.

Someone said: the opposite of Love is fickleness!

Fickleness cannot be remedied with might or power in “this world”, but by knowing the Truth.


The youth David killed the giant Goliath without touching him directly. Discern the story spiritually: The five smooth stones are a symbol for Grace. And with only ONE stone David overcame what seemed insurmountable in “this world” of man.

You could spend lifetimes studying the BIble in “this world” without ever discovering that all of those seeming stories are stepping stones for your own awareness to enter the state of freedom and always enough.


In “this world” people fight wars in the name of God, people kill others or them themselves out of ignorance, of not knowing God the Father.

Let it be of good report! Not lip-service or wishful thinking, but firmly rooted in the word and Presence of God.


“Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.”

Christ is not another! Christ is the wisdom and power of God in you, to bring you back home into the Father’s house.

The Father’s house is not an escape, but your own true nature as the child of God, as a life-giving spirit, not as a needy, time-bound person.

Mind and speech are our greatest powers!


Understanding the hints and symbols in the Bible requires that you abandon the person you believe yourself to be.

You won’t die, you can never lose your identity; but the wicked — our own (involuntary) ignorance — is scared for its life; something hidden in us and kicks and screams.

All of this happens in you, in your own Awareness, but in “this world” it is easier to look at “others” and make sense outside of our Self.

The good fight is very intimate.


Please do not believe me anything, do not be satisfied with explanations and temporary relief; experience is higher than second-hand knowledge.

This life is an enormous gift! Don’t waste it.

Embrace it!

Discover the Light in your own heart.
The Light of pure knowing, God’s Light.


“I and my Father are one” sounds like nonsense in “this (mechanical) world”, but is the Truth when the veil of your person is lifted.

Find out, discover, explore, discern fact and fiction from the Love of God.


And again, pretend some openness, don’t be tripped off by your own resentment when you hear/speak certain words or platitudes.

Be aware that your surface mind is trained to survive in “this world”!

Prayer and meditation eases the grip mind has on you!
Ignorance needs darkness to survive; in the Light it does not exist.


Be like a little child, be fresh and open again and again, forgive — even your own person — never-endingly; don’t resist evil, go the extra mile; don’t be intimidated by your own fears, doubts, beliefs and expectations…

Seek ye first the kingdom and ALL the other things will be given to you.

The kingdom is at hand, God’s creation is eternal and good!
But when we look at God’s reality through the lens of our person, then we see “this world” in time and space.


Be patient, but don’t wait!
Examine yourself, test yourself, feel after him, drop your burden, be of good cheer, always of good report! Wow!

Your person, the man of old, born from below, has maybe the best intentions and asserts the greatest efforts… But YOU, the child of God, my brother and sister are dreaming on the lap of God.


Wake up!
To the magnificence of your own inner Being!

In “this world” everything vanishes and turns to dust, but YOU are not trapped in a garment dipped in blood.

See the depth of “have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus” and embrace it!

We only kNow the Truth, we don’t “do” the Truth personally. We just rejoice each day and do what we do, keeping our mind stayed on God.

Oh ye of little Faith (-;


“Keep your mind stayed on God” starts out with entertaining thoughts about God. But once our person fades into the background we experience that God — our inner vastness — lovingly and wisely gives us the right thoughts at the right time.


Just another seeming random quote (everything in the Bible points to the same one Truth):

Are they not the ones who blaspheme the noble Name by which you have been called? 8If you really keep the royal law stated in Scripture, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” you are doing well. 9But if you show favoritism, you sin and are convicted by the Law as transgressors.…”

When you hear “they” or “them” or any form of “otherness”, please consider going the extra mile on the road of mental and emotional confetti, and include your own person as one of them, one in the Love of God.


The Bible is a mystery, hard to explain or understand with our mind fixed on “this world”; but with some consecrated, simple inner-space and openness we intuit, discover and embrace its unbelievably loving guidance.

Our person is eager to do and to become in “this world”… but the Bible as a timeless, spiritual message invites you to be. You cannot become what you already are: the child of God (always examine your resistance and disbelieve). The God of Love.

Don’t be intimidated by your own seeming darkness, feelings and thoughts; BE in “my kingdom” while walking the Earth, and experience the fullness of the Lord.

Discover the wicked and the righteous in yourself, without condemnation and favoritism, but with Love.

“The meek shall inherit the Earth.”
Not just some superficial surrender to your own misery as person.
Meekness requires the strength and humility of knowing the Truth.


I AM — Awareness — are always with you!
I cannot be found in “this world”.
I AM your fulfillment, your redeemer.

Not as another.

I AM the Lord your God.
“Just be still”… but you are scared, exhausted and busy, running away from the here and now, the only place-less place where you can be in my Presence.

Your efforts, no matter how good intended veil my Presence.
To be with me is effortless effort.

I AM with you always!
I AM at the core of your Being.

Be still and know me.
Know me before your thoughts come in to render “this world”.

I AM your own Awareness.

(Yes, words are clunky and insufficient).


“This world” is God’s Earth seen through the prism of good and bad.

Be of good cheer!
I have overcome “this world”.

Not by might nor by power, but by knowing the Truth, our true nature (that which never changes [faceless, formless Awareness])


“Going back to the Father” doesn’t mean to disappear from the Earth,

Your body is the temple of the living God!

From your perspective of “this world” you judge by appearance and see fleeting things, flesh and blood.


Through Grace, through joyful repentance, creative bravery and openness you will see the error and ignorance of “this world”.

You will see how you shoot yourself in your own foot; how you create your own suffering through your expectations and your attachment to outcomes; with your false sense of “me, myself and I”.

Before you rush out and save the world, please first remove the beam in front of your own eyes.


The greatest gift has already been given to you!

Claim it, own it, enjoy it, share it!


The twist is that Christ can only operate when Christ is realized, intimately one, as your own Awareness.

“Truth is simple, but the seeker is complex.”


God is Love, God makes no mistakes, God plays no games in “this world” of darkness, peopled with children of the lie.

God is your Father, be in the Presence of Love.

You are never separated from Love, you get only seemingly distracted and hypnotized by appearances.

Your own person is an appearance in “this world”.


“This world” are images and thoughts.

We call images and thoughts “mind”, as if it were a thing.

It is a way of seeing and experiencing multiplicity and diversity.


Who do you say I AM?

Flesh or Spirit…

I AM with you always.

Look, see, knock… ask, receive… feel after him so that you may find him.


Wake up from the silent desperation as person in “this world”.

It is not selfish to pray and meditate, it is our duty to know the Truth.

In quietness and confidence shall be thy strength!


In “this world” we run around like chickens without a hat.

All we ever need, God has given to us in the beginning for “this world” appeared in our consciousness.


Let God teach YOU from the depth of your being; don’t listen to the counsel of your own ignorance.

Discern! “Have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus.”

Jesus is the pattern for your salvation.

Walk with Jesus… not in the flesh as “another”, but in his Spirit, alive in you, willing to face everything, to share and to choose wisely.

God is Love. God is the only power.

Explore, confirm, embrace!

  1. Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim that anything comes from us, but our competence comes from God. 6And He has qualified us as ministers of a new covenant, not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life. 7Now if the ministry of death, which was engraved in letters on stone, came with such glory that the Israelites could not gaze at the face of Moses because of its fleeting glory,…

  2. Yes, I AM, our natural and simple awareness “i am” is the portal to be in the Presence of God. I AM, the Lord your God. Not as a believe or hope, but as experience here and now.

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