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Please help me to understand where it gets too complicated.


P-reaching the Good News

Relax a little.
Closing down and rejecting is far too easy in “this word”.

Wisdom grows in the gaps between our thoughts.
If we are always eager to fit everything into our own limited understanding then we might miss the mark.

Be like an artist, step back from the canvas of your own mind and observe the thoughts and feelings that tell the story of the “me and other” in “this world”.
And then come close again and seemingly drown in the details.

Rush or hush?
Our ignorance loves rushing, so that it can survive in darkness.

Knowing the Truth, knowing the Father is the most important!
Our suffering in this world is avoidable; our suffering is attitudinal, not circumstantial.

God always cares for us in the most subtle ways, but we are too busy in “this world” to notice and appreciate the gift of each moment.
Believe me or not, the good news is reality here and now.


Are you willing and open to follow Jesus? 1 
Not into believe and hearsay, but as your own discovery and experience?

“His” teaching is most amazing, timeless, practical and relevant.


…the mystery that was hidden for ages and generations but is now revealed to His saints, 27to whom God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. 28We proclaim Him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.…
Colossians 1:27


The Bible clearly points to the Truth, but we cannot see it when our attention is hypnotized with our busy mind in “this world”.
“In Christ” — in the absence of our person — we see increasingly clearly.

The Bible is more about BEing than doing!
Very subtle, too simple.

The instructions in Bible, the call to action, is addressed to you!
Not to fix “this world” but to be first and foremost sensitive and aware of your own attention.

“Seek ye first the kingdom and all the other things shall be added unto you!”
Right here and now! The kingdom cannot be reached through a journey in “this world.”

Words are clunky; they are only a guide post to direct your attention from the assumptions in “this world” to the living experience of God’s Presence and government in “my kingdom”.
It takes humility and a willingness to leave “this world” behind.

Our person cannot “do” this, because “this world” is all it knows.

“My kingdom” is not of “this world”.
And all of this seemingly confusing teaching is for you and me, who eternally walk this Earth — the fullness of the Lord.

It is only a mystery, because our minds are so stubbornly and willfully clinging on “this world”.
It is not complicated; even a small child can understand.


How many times did we read the Bible, but couldn’t see and feel the Good News?
Are you ready to meditate with Jesus, right here and now, in the garden of Gethsemane — your own prepared mind — for two hours?

Can you invest so much of your time in “this world” to enter “my kingdom”?

Are you open and full of joy, like a little child?
To see the Bible become alive in your own discovery…
Or are you heavy inside, because nothing seems to make sense anymore?

Just say yes!
Our person in “this world” has a hard time to be still and to listen.

“Ya but!” and
“and than” keep us out of the kingdom.


Repent (-; This is most wonderful and delicious; it “just” means to look at Life and everything from a totally new perspective, with fresh eyes.
Following Jesus requires an open heart and a clear mind.

You cannot “do” open heart, but you can “be” open.
For right now just relax and trust the Bible, when it teaches you that “in quietness and confidence shall be thy strength”.

Relax, be open.
Be like a little child on the lap of God.

Leave aside your mental and emotional net, just for some minutes here and now, and follow me.
The Bible is a spiritual message, it has to do with the invisible realm of thought and feeling.

What I say may disturb the ideas of the wicked in “this world”, but my words come from a deep, vibrant inner silence.
Please be very vigilant, you are in a safe space; even those words appear in your own mind.


Reflect, relax, be still.
This inner attitude is very powerful and practical; it is not sitting in a cave, but being alive and productive, when the need arises to be productive.

Right now we are quiet and effortlessly alert.
“My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the meditation of my heart will give you understanding.”

It is the most beautiful to understand Jesus’ teaching and to follow his pointing with a relaxed and open mind.
In “this world” we tend to be resentful, we tend to contract and be tight, defending what we believe.

“This world” is held together by beliefs and assumptions”.
“My kingdom” is the openness and bravery to be still and to listen in the absence of our old person.

All of this relates to our here and now.
Physical death and suffering pertain to our focus on “this world”.

Right or wrong?
I am at the end with my own little person and its wisdom:

“Speak Lord, thy servant heareth.”

To repent — to see things from a new perspective — requires awareness and some bravery within our own self.
It is very simple, if we have a little faith that Jesus knows what he is talking about.


Be open, relax, breath, feel, enjoy; you are safe right here and now; wherever you are.
“I AM with you always” is true, always here and now.

Oh, it is so foolish… I need to tiptoe with you through the forest of resentment and disbelieve, instead to just sing praises to the Lord!
But we can find the Lord even in the wilderness and desert of our own mind.

God is Love, this we know and accept intellectually, and allow to feel as the reality of Life.
God is our loving Father who enjoys seeing us prosper and sharing his abundance.

Please, during this meditation let us forget “this world”.
All that we believe to know.

In order to repent, in order to see with a fresh mind we need to let go of “this world”.
We cannot put fresh wine into old skins.

Leaving “this world” not by physically dying but by being open and teachable, here and now.
“leave your nets and follow me” pertains to everything you believe to be and to know.

Remember that the Bible guides you into “my kingdom”, which is not of “this world”.
God is Love. Breathe gently, feel your inner-space, allow your well-being to be real.


My words here seem foolish, but it is not about some mental acrobatics; just follow step by step; baby steps.
It is simple, but we will might encounter wicked resistance in our own house and thinking.

Without quiet, consecrated times of prayer and meditations you cannot repent and follow Jesus’ pointing.
“This world” is too loud, and it doesn’t want to let go of ignorance and temporary comforts.


How many times did we read the Bible and had a glimpse that “this world” is not all there is.
What separates “my kingdom” from “this world” is not a physical distance, but our willingness to allow an inner vacuum.

An inner vacuum of relentless openness and honesty, by allowing “I don’t know”.
Just between you and God, at first in the privacy of your prayer and meditation.

In “this world” we are hunters and gatherers for information and “making sense”; to strengthen the private “me, myself and I”, the separate-self.
In “my kingdom” we relax and know that “I AM with you always”, we relax into quietness and confidence, being Present with the Lord.

Right now you don’t need the habitual “ya but”.
Be like a little child; free of mental heaviness and expectation.


It takes time and care to prepare the ground of your own mind.
Be playful and creative with the Bible, but vigilant when your mind gets tight and tries to sell you the Living Word as the letter of Truth.

It takes time to reflecting and applying Jesus’ own words.
But it takes no time to be in “my kingdom”, in the presence of the Lord — the absence of my person.

Don’t be stuck in words, who are only meant to be stepping stones.

Keep it simple, be honest.


In childhood we are like a sponge and are easy to believe in fairies and everything that eases our growing pains, or belongs to the traditons of men.
As adults, if we want to repent, we need to clutter-bust our own inner temple and examine if what we believe and assume is really what Jesus teaches.

We need to do the work of knowing what words mean, and where they are pointing to.
Not as an academic chore, but as a loving curiosity, as a willingness to have nothing to hold onto while we follow Jesus and walk on water.

If we look down then we drown in the “ya but” of “this world”.
“Ya but” is healthy and useful, if you are fully present and alive behind it!

But if “ya but” is just a bad habit, or an escape to keep your mind busy in “this world” to resent your repentance, then you might waste your precious life.


The inner vacuum of “I don’t know” is so important!

Our person has this old biological program that “being liked by peers is more important than knowing the Truth”.
The person feels scared alone, on its own, it hesitates to be brave and to discover things first-hand through experience.

“In me you have peace, in ‘this world’ you have tribulations.”

Be like a little child: Hey, Where is this ‘in me’! I want peace more than any trinket “this world” has to offer!
And then reason, in a sincere, creative and playful manner; the answers come from the inner silence, not the traffic of the mind.


If you want to follow Jesus you need to be fit to walk through the deserts of your own ignorance, resistance and disbelieve, here and now.
It is a labor of Love, nothing is more important.

Whatever you gain in “this world” is temporary, is subject to change.
The Bible is a piece of art; take it to heart; don’t be stuck in the seeming, in appearances.

Don’t be afraid to think and really ask your own questions; ask and ye shall receive.
The real answers are not conclusions from a book; be taught by God, in the silence and depth of your own BEing.


Unless the Lord builds the house they labor in vain who build it.
Discover what words mean… the way is straight and narrow…

Our attention spans seem to get shorter and shorter, it is easy to get lost in the waste lands of our own thinking as a person.
See the fascinating symbology of the Bible, and know that Jesus is your own way to redemption.

Not a person who died maybe 2,000 years ago, but Spirit.
You own being aware of Awareness is the portal to recognize your eternal oneness with the Father.

The natural man, without spiritual discernment, rejects all of this as nonsense and foolishness; not recognizing his own confinement in the reasoning mind.


“Have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus” is not a mental exercise or an occasional high in feeling released from the pains of “this world”.
You cannot be double-minded, you can have only one mind, to be sound.

You can only think one thought at a time!

Consciously choosing to “have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus” leaves no room for your old, ignorant person.
Your person — your old believes — might kick and scream for its survival!

But we wise and don’t feel sorry for what keeps “this world” in bondage.
Who do you say I AM… flesh or spirit?

Your individuality you can never use, but you can drop your burdens and look through Jesus’ eyes and replace your fickle believes, faith and hope with brave discoveries of the ISness of God’s word and creation, here and now, in your life and affairs!


Be vigilant with your own feelings and thoughts!
You just need to know the Truth, and it is the Truth’s job to set you free.

In a twinkle of an eye you can be healed.
But if you are like the rich man, the opinionated man, with all the assumptions and false conclusions in “this world”, then you cannot enter the kingdom.


It is your father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom!

What is the kingdom?
Examine your own beliefs and expectations and be willing to be disappointed in “this world”.

“My kingdom” is not of “this world” …
take heart! I have overcome the world!

Yet Jesus was still walking the Earth!
Overcoming the world happens here and now.

The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof!
You, as the Child of God, are on safe ground, but don’t let your person judge for you.


Oh, how impossible it seems to drop fantasies, and really listen, hear and understand.
Our habitual mind is so quick to be entangled in “this world”.

If we defend and resent then we are in “this world”!
Be very vigilant in case you reject my words:

“My kingdom” and “this world” do not exist outside of you!
Both are simply names to teach you about your own attitude.


Attitude is nothing you can “do”!
You might need to start with “doing”… because this your current understanding in “this world”.

The Bible is amazing!
But don’t be stuck in “this world” in ignorance and disbelieve!

Follow Jesus, literally; if you are inclined, if you feel a longing in your heart to leave the sufferings of “this world” behind.
But Jesus’ path is not for the faint at heart.

I AM come not to destroy but to fulfill.
But you cannot serve two masters!

In “this world” everything perishes and gives you only temporary satisfaction or relief.
In “this world” you are stuck in judging by appearance: “I am this body” is the root cause for suffering.

In “my kingdom” you have the experiential feeling-knowing that God is Love.

Love is not a fuzzy feeling, or a temporary mood, but our true nature as the child of God.
It is not elsewhere, but always here and now.

You cannot experience God academically or through wishful thinking.
Please reflect! Take your own time in quietness and confidence.

Observe your own attention how it goes out into “this world”, into thoughts and feelings.
Be sincere! Allow yourself to feel the pain and sorrow of this world!

Appearances claim reality in “this world” where you believe yourself to be a separate-self, cut off from God, lost in a foreign country, at the edge…
Know your Bible beyond doubt, don’t be confined in the claustrophobic mental space of “this world”.

Be open, be vulnerable, be willing to feel and see everything “this world” tries to sell you as the latest excitement.
“I and my Father are one”… you are the child of God… Go back to the Bible and see how and why “this world” is afraid of Jesus.

You can believe anything you want… but faith, believing and hoping are only important preliminary steps.
You want to be in the Presence of God, you want to live and breath God’s Love, here on Earth!

You want to feel good in your skin, so that there is space in you for the wisdom and power of God to freely flow.

To follow Jesus — to stick to the namespace of the Bible, but universally true for all truth-teachings –… uff, what a long sentence… to follow Jesus is the only way to go, to be, if your desire is for Truth, for Love.

“Seek ye first the kingdom and all the other things shall be added unto you!”
Faith gives you the wings to know that this is true.

Faith gives you the wings to discover your Self as the vastness of inner space, in which thinking and feeling appear as “this world”.
Sing praise to the Lord! Not as a chore to get somewhere, but because you feel Love beyond the good and the bad of this world.

You are discovering where your attention gets stuck again and again in the nets and nests of this world.
Have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus. This is so deep!

Be patient, but don’t wait!
“This world” — your ignorant mind — cannot accept the Truth.

Your mind is your servant, not your master!
Jesus is the Master of Love and forgiveness, beyond human capacity.

Use your mind “in this world”.
Know the difference between your mind and your Self! Oh this sounds foolish, but learn how to discern appearances (in the mind) and the reality of God’s creation; this Earth.

As a text book and a set of static rules the Bible… [you need to fill in the blanks, you need to read between the lines!] The Bible becomes alive in you as the Living Word!

Your righteousness must exceed that of the scribes and pharisees!
Eagerly being the best and most appreciated person in “this world” does not open the gates of “my kingdom”.

“I of mine own self can do nothing” is now your own attitude, through “have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus”!
You still do things and participate in life, but the pesky and most subtle sense of doer-ship, of “I did it” will gently fade away.

Following Jesus, here and now, as your new mind is “my kingdom”.
But you need to be sensitive and brave; gentle with your own fickleness.

Never give up!
But always give up your ignorance and willfulness.

Literally “give up” your ignorance and willfulness.
Let the loving empty inner space of heaven take care of it.

With God’s Love in your heart you won’t become a doormat.

Don’t pretend what you don’t really know.
Don’t pay lip-service to hide your insecurity and pains; don’t use the Bible as a pain-killer, but make it your own discovery, your own umbilical cord to the Father!

God as a thought in “this world” is an idol.
Oh! Be wise; our own mind is the rich man who cannot enter “my kingdom”.

Neither be a sheep that just blindly follows the organizations of “this world”.
Know your shepherd, know your Father in heaven!

Know how to enter heaven here and now.

Take baby steps and start a glossary with words being used in the Bible:
I AM, God, Lord, “this world”, “my kingdom”, wicked, righteous…

“Ask and ye shall receive”… ask your Father in the silence of your meditations to reveal the meaning and relevance of the words.
Be patient, be open and receptive… Allow and embrace the (maybe scary or embarrassing) vacuum of “I don’t know” so that God can teach you.

Go beyond words, don’t argue if Jesus or God will teach you!
Don’t split hair.

Be sincere, be open, reflect.

In “this world” we are obsessed with “doing”.
“My kingdom” is rooted in “being”.

“I AM” is a form of “be”.

Wonderful (-;

  1. Jesus ~ the Bible uses people, places, circumstances, etc in stories to guide us to our own discovery of our own inner nature. Hang in there, be open.

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