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Wicked or Righteous…

… just a twist in Consciousness?


This page is a draft, it needs editing and formatting, it needs some uplifting pictures… some TLC.


“The way is straight and narrow”…

The Bible is a spiritual message, leading us from ignorance to clear seeing; it is easy to get distracted, to get lost in our effort of understanding and applying the Essence.


“The things of God are foolishness unto man”

Please bear with me, don’t just run away in defending your own understanding; the point is to be open; it is much too easy to reject superficially.

Be prepared to feel challenged with what is being shared here. This is my individual moment in time, it is not “absolute”. In “this world” we tend to defend our own ignorance and insecurity instead to be thankful for the opportunity to examine what we entertain in our own thoughts.


“Seek ye first the kingdom and all the other things will be given to you”

In “this world” when we call ourselves “person” seeking for Truth, journeying back to the Father’s House, we often mix up cause and effect, we mix up seed and harvest.


“The letter killeth, Spirit gives Life.”

Your mind is a powerful tool, but in the same way you can use a hammer to build a house or to kill someone.

The Bible is wonderful and uplifting, when you look behind the limited understanding your current state of mind presents to you.

It is good to be very sincere, but be creative and playful with the Bible — God is Love! Resist the temptation of your mind to jump to the first mental conclusion, but stay open as if your life depends on it; yet don’t get crunchy in fear and doubt; have the Faith that you deserve and are already given the gift of Life.


“Have eyes to hear and ears to see?”

The Bible points to the Truth, to your redeemer, always here and now, but you cannot embrace it with “fleshly eyes”, with the old man.

The Bible is not a book telling how to fix your personal affairs in “this world”, but a how-to guide to get you — Sue or John Doe — out from egypt (a state of ignorance and therefore slavery) into Jerusalem (a state of freedom). Not for selfish purposes, but for the good of all.


“The only enemy of Israel is a believe in a false God.”

God is the cause of the phenomena of Life.

That’s a concept.
Language, words, are all concepts.

Concepts are powerful in “this world” to be a functioning, awake and aware human being.


“Don’t judge by appearance, but judge righteous judgement”

Truth is not a cluster of concepts. It is not about finding your fulfillment by being filled full with information by your rational thinking; but thinking, and understanding are important to keep you on track, on the seeming journey from “this world” into “my kingdom”.


“Your righteousness needs to exceed that of the scribes and pharisees”

Please be really open, try to follow my reasoning. Be aware how swiftly your mind jumps to some old concepts, and inevitable veils the Truth — that which is always here and Now, that which never changes; your true nature, the gift of God.

Being a good person refers to “this world”, but it does not open the doors for “my kingdom”. You have to do something else.


“God IS Love”

Where is Love right now, in this very moment, right here and now?


“Ask and ye shall receive”, “knock and the door shall be opened.”

Admit that you are in a state of ignorance; don’t escape that inner uncomfortableness in your own skin. Don’t escape into a fantasyland of wishful thinking, hope and waiting for a Jesus to come on a white horse and pick you up and change your affairs. In “this world” we are seemingly bound to space and time. In “my kingdom” — which is your Father’s good pleasure to give to you, as a gift!… In “my kingdom, Jesus is your own Awareness, and you are not confined to a body for threescore years and ten.

Again, words are just concepts; helpful tools to direct our attention, interest, belief and identity away from that we assume (Egypt) to that which we know IS.


Me, myself and I

“By the sweat of your brow you will eat your food until you return to the ground, since from it you were taken; for dust you are and to dust you will return.”

Sorry if my words sound foolish, and you cannot see where I am coming from and where I am going.

As person in “this world” we are easily intimidated by feelings and thoughts; we are in deep grooves of thinking. Our own mental activity can veil the ever-present Truth.


The Love of God

The good news is that there is no distance and no delay between “my kingdom” and “this world”, both are states in Consciousness that are eternally yours to discover and embrace.


Seek ye first the kingdom, and all the other things will be given to you is literally true; but if you entertain the rich person, the opinionated person, then you are stuck in “this world”.

Again and again: the Bible is a spiritual message!
Without prayer and meditation, without frequent periods during the day and night, your own person will keep you in bondage.

“I and my Father are one” aggravates our rational thinking. The enemy is in our own house, our own thinking creates a sense of separation from God.

A sense of separation.


Know ye not?

Your body is the temple of the living God…

Your redeemer is not to be found elsewhere in space and time; but in a twinkle of an eye you can relax the veil of ignorance.

It requires some bravery, because your old person will fear for its life.


Oh foolish words.

The Bible is a discovery, an invitation for a relentless self-exploration; you need to know the nature and limitations of your own mind. Mind is your only tool in “this world”.
It is your tool to perceive, process, understand and experience this marvelous existence, with all its pains, sorrows and occasional highs. But YOU use your mind, you are not confined to the understandings and interpretations of your mind.

Yes, my words are so foolish and clunky, but that’s my moment in time.

Thank you for your openness!


What a challenge to wake up to the Truth, to the recognition and acceptance of our true nature.

The person Jesus in the Bible is our pattern for redemption, for freedom; if we take it to heart and apply to our daily living.

The veil that hides the Truth is our own ignorance, which we subconsciously defend.


What an amazing distance-less journey from the head into the heart.


Whenever you don’t like something — like what I am sharing — when it bumps against resistance inside of you, then please don’t run immediately away, but explore your own mind.


Be very sensitive with scripture, feel it, explore it, test it! See the different perspectives; relate it to your Self. Discover the pearl of great price: kNOW the Truth, don’t be satisfied with words and fuzzy feelings.


So beautiful:

To free our hearts from the errors of self – self-will, false desires, ambition, and greed – is to reflect the light of Truth as the perfect diamond reflects its own inner light.

About 500 B.C. it was written: “It easily happens that a man, when taking a bath, steps upon a wet rope and imagines that it is a snake. Horror will overcome him, and he will shake from fear, anticipating in his thought all the agonies caused by the serpent’s venomous bite. What a relief does this man experience when he sees that the rope is no snake! The cause of his fright lies in his error, his ignorance, his illusion. If the true nature of the rope is recognized, his tranquility of mind will come back to him; he will feel relieved; he will be joyful and happy. This is the state of mind of one who has recognized that there is no personal self, that the cause of all his troubles, cares, and vanities is a mirage, a shadow, a dream.”

Joel Goldsmith
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