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I AM, the Lord, your God


I AM, The Lord, Your God.
Numbers 15:41

If we approach this pointing, this guidance with our thinking mind then you are in “this world”, you look with fleshly eyes.

The Bible is a mystery, but “my kingdom” is more real than what you can believe and know as a person in “this world”.

The Bible is a spiritual message, so be fresh, don’t be like the rich man — the opinionated man, who cannot enter through the eye of the needle.

“My kingdom” is everyone’s birthright… to know, to experience, to live our true nature as the child of God, joint-heir to all the heavenly riches… that’s the good news.


But we need to discern “this world” and “my kingdom” — both are states in your Consciousness.

The things of God are foolish to the natural man.

As person we are too narrow minded to follow Jesus’ pointings; we knock at the door of our inner Being, maybe our whole life, but it does not open! 1

Because we are already inside!
We push and push against the door, meaning we always look out at “this world” and thereby automatically create a sense of being a separate-self, cut-off from our true nature, cut-off from God, Spirit.

We look out at “this world”, and see objects distinct from “me”, my person.

But in order to look “in” we have to cease turning our attention away to any object, any otherness.

Thoughts are the most subtlests objects we give our attention.
Prayer and meditation do not require mental activity, but true curiosity, interest, desire, honesty… 2


I AM, the Lord your God

Assuming that we freely choose to live by the Bible, then we need to repent. We need to change our perspective, we need to examine ourselves, we need to test if we are really holding to the Faith; otherwise we ignore and overlook the Presence of I AM.

Studying the Bible goes beyond making sense in “this world”. Fulfilling scripture is more important than trying hard to become a good person. We too easily mix up cause and effect! “Seek ye first the kingdom”. If the love in your heart is real then you cannot help to be a good person; but without Love all outer improvements are in vain (or at least very limited).

Jesus was a man, some thousands of years ago; but he knew the Father, he knew how to be one with the Father — Consciousness. 3



Jesus is our redeemer, not as “another” in the flesh, but as the pattern for our own salvation, here and now in all affairs of life in “this world” and beyond.

“Have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus” means to follow Jesus, here and now.

Not to run around and pay lip-service, not to be like the lame and the blind; but to bring the Bible home and discern its message spiritually.

Know the letter, but translate the printed book into the living word, to meet our here and now.


Be brave, be open; what is more important than to “follow Jesus” and to fulfill scripture.

The way is straight and narrow, it is easy to get distracted; don’t be fickle, but open, interested and teachable.

Truth is not a cluster of concepts, but being aware of your true Nature, your own Awareness.

You currently believe yourself to be “man whose breath is in his nostrils”.
You might even willfully defend your position by saying “I am a sinner”.

Identified as person in “this world” we do many foolish things.

What seems to be is to whom it seems to be… William Blake.

Back to basics, back to Jesus.

The main purpose of the Bible is to bring you home, back to the Father’s house, as joint-heir to all the spiritual riches.

The “goal” is our correct spiritual identity, and it is presented to us in the form of a story, seemingly in “this world”.

For the longest time can we be trapped in “this world”. We believe to have noble aims and the best loving attitude, but we do not see the simplicity and power of the Bible to guide us home, spiritually.

Drop your burden, lay aside for a moment your potentially incessant inner self-talk, and “be still and know that I AM God.”

Be still!

Be still, breath, calm down, feel… feel Love, don’t rattle your head, be still.

It doesn’t say “do” still.
Surrender, repent.

The gap between “this world” and “my kingdom” can be very subtle.

“Seek ye first the Kingdom!!!”

Back to Jesus, back to your redeemer.

“Have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus”… not as superficial lip-service, but humbly and lovingly, first in your mediations.

“And you will do even greater things”…
Having a wicked attitude you unintentionally puff up your ego and replace the lie of “this world” with a new and more refined lie.

But if you try first to understand and then more and more embrace and allow the significance of the clear instruction: “have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus…”

Then the weight of your own person will become lighter… “Speak Lord, thy servant heareth”… you don’t argue about scripture, but you experience first hand the presence of the Lord.

It sounds foolish, and few will accept it and allow it.

It is not about believes and hopes; you can wait until doomsday for “this world” to change.


“The limitations are not in what we see, but how we see.”
-Rupert Spira


The “system of old” is not an excuse to blame the world, but the dedication and earnestness to admit and remedy our own mental stubbornness.

All that Jesus said and was becomes your own experience! If you allow it, if you are willing to die to your “old man” your old beliefs and assumptions.

This is hard! Because in “this world” all we have and belief to be are mostly secondhand thoughts and assumptions, the arm of flesh.

“My kingdom” and “this world” depend on the way you look. If you know your scriptures, really take it to heart, then you are in “my kingdom”.

The wicked one looks out at “this world” as a separate-self and only reaps his own ignorance.

The righteous one is willing to go all the way, and to “have that mind which was also in Christ Jesus.”

You don’t play and pretend Jesus in “this world” but you humbly go beyond believes and hopes and discover the depth and relevance of the Bible.

We can read scripture for decades and maybe have occasional glimpses and mountaintop experiences, but we tend to overlook the most real and obvious, just because the veil of our person, the one we believe ourselves to be is just too tight.

The Bible points to the good news!

Both the wicked and the righteous are one and the same in Christ, both are just different levels of sleep and clarity in “this world”.

God is Love… Let it be of God report… don’t be discouraged…

“The things of God are foolishness unto man…”

I am, seen through the lens of “this world” is a man, who is born, entangled in pleasure and pain, withers and dies.
I AM, seen through the lens of “my kingdom” knows itself as Spirit, as faceless, formless Awareness.

“This world” is our ignorance of not knowing and living scripture.

Read it again, and again, be fully awake and present!

“39You pore over the Scriptures because you presume that by them you possess eternal life. These are the very words that testify about Me, 40yet you refuse to come to Me to have life. 41I do not accept glory from men,…”
John 5:39


Your brain and person seem to belong to “this world”…

Without moments of silence — frequently during the day — the mystery of the Bible will not reveal itself in you, the child of God!

We need inner space for Jesus/Awareness to show us the way.

“I AM with you, always” … as a mere belief it is “this world”; as inner space, emptiness and openness, it is being in the Presence, the Spirit of the Lord, your God.


Don’t merely wrap your head around a mental understanding, but open your heart and be willing to be one with Father.

Truth is not a cluster of concepts, but that which never changes! What is it in you that never changes? Your own Awareness! The simple sense of I am, I exist, before any thoughts arise.


“Forgive them Father, they do not know what they are doing”…

Be like a little child: Where is God, who is God?

The discovery “I AM the Lord, your God” … is the absence of ego and ignorance, it is not an explanation but your own discovery of your true nature, here and now, beyond time and space, beyond imagination and thoughts.


Oh foolish words… stick to the Bible, but be brave and wholeheartedly relate it to yourself, God gave the Bible to you to wake up from the dream of person; you are not a grasshopper but the child of God.

Written words can only point your attention… the actual seeing is yours, beyond words.


Rejecting and walking away into assumptions or disbelieve is easy in “this world”, but know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free…

Knowing is not the accumulation of bits and pieces of information. You don’t pretend, you just know.

It is not static, but alive; if there is resentment or defensiveness then you look again and reconnect again and again to the source where your knowing abounds.

  1. …Christ is not an object, not “another” in “this world”, but we tend to approach our inner Being with the same mental tools, habits and attitudes we use in “this world”.

  2. Sometimes it takes years to discover our own spiritual ego: we believe we try so hard, we believe to have the best intentions, it seems so noble what we want to accomplish.

  3. It makes no difference if we believe that there was a person called Jesus, or if we see Jesus as a personification of our individualized Awareness. In any case we need to step out from hope and believe into knowing the Truth, if this is our desire.

  4. For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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