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Who or what is ‘I’?

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“Everything you can perceive comes and goes, including your own body. You are the one looking at time, objects, and even thoughts and emotions. Through the senses, you are able to observe everything that is perceived as life, as manifestation, as existence. And behind the eyes – in the realm of thought, emotion, and memory – these are perceived with the eyes of inner perception. Your sense of being a particular person is also perceived.

Regardless of whether the object of perception is physical and can thus be measured for color, shape, and size, or whether what is being perceived is something more subtle like thought, feeling and sensation, all are phenomena. It is the sense of ‘I’ that perceives them. First ‘I’ must be there. One can say it is the password into this mighty game of existence. Only after ‘I’ comes ‘you’ and ‘other’ – world, friends, education, desire, religion, and so on.

So now the question must be asked: ‘I’ implies what? Who or what is ‘I’?

When questions like these are asked, don’t look for a verbal or mental answer, and don’t trust so much in the mind and learned knowledge. Rather, look inward and see what these words point to. The nondual wisdom of Advaita invites you to find out for yourself what ‘I’ really is – whether it is what you assume or imagine it to be.”

~ Mooji
Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space

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