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All about you!

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Dear friend, my words here are just an invitation to look together; it is about openness, not the accumulation of more believes, or the right and wrong of the person.



Someone once told me in a humorous way that B.I.B.L.E stands for Book of Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

On the surface it seems to be an old book, talking about people, places, attitudes and circumstances, some 2,000+ years ago.

I look at it as training wheels to explore and discover myself, to go beyond the person; to embrace with my heart what mind cannot understand.

“Let the weak say ‘I am’ strong” sounds too fantastic, but if we use the Bible only to fix our human affairs, then we might miss the mark.1

As persons we have this strange habit that we are always busy with “this world”; this is all we believe to know.

We rarely investigate what we have in “the house”.
We know so little about our own nature, our inner Being.

We always look out.
But we don’t know how to look in.

If we look “in” the same way we look at “this world” then we are in darkness.2


When we hear the words God, Christ, Jesus… and think about “another” then we should question our own concepts.

Jesus’ “I and our Father are one” invites us into a brave exploration of our true nature as children of Love/God.3

Love, not as a state of mind or biological preferences, but as the canvas of all that we believe to know as “this world”.


Our minds are creative; for the person — “the natural man” — pleasure and pain is the main driving force: avoid the pain, seek the pleasure; it is the hamster wheel that keeps us trapped in “egypt”.

Sorry, sorry, my words seem so foolish, so clunky… But this whole subject is very dear to me, what is more important than…

  1. Joel 3:10

  2. We can study the Bible for decades and not discover “the pearl of great price.”
    Even worse, we can develop a subtle spiritual ego, that is hard to detect behind noble words and behavior.

  3. John 10:30

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…Take a walk, do the dishes, move your body, breath, rest your eyes…
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